We went there super early for dinner and the restaurant was quiet and empty. Since we didn't have reservations the greeter was rude and stated, " You can stay here for long" I told her we were fine to dine and dash and were finally seated. Make a reservation so you don't have to deal with this rude greeting! My fish was excellent a ... read more
Robin Ehrlich via - Jan 19, 2019
This is my third time at T-Bar in the past few weeks, although I've dined there so many times. I love the restaurant's ambiance and their delicious food. The wines are great as well as the desserts.But the service has been poor every time. Many friends have had the same experience, sadly. If it weren't for the glorious food, I pr ... read more
AJS1 via - Jan 18, 2019
enjoy the excellent service and reliably good food and drinksas well as comfy neighborhood ambiance ... read more
Luna via - Jan 16, 2019
Als je culinair goed wil eten dan is deze plek een verscholen aanrader in Ny. Het is iets verder weg van het drukke midtown maar met een taxi goed te doen. Vlotte bediening en de kwaliteit en de bereiding van het vlees zijn zeer goed.
FrankySmeets via - Jan 15, 2019
This is a cool place! It's a great ...
This is a cool place! It's a great location, has cool decor and the food is pretty good! Good brunch spot!
Anjelica M. via - Jan 13, 2019
“I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭130:5‬ ‭ ... read more
Wisnor C. Dorvil via - Jan 12, 2019
Good cornmeal pancakes and bacon. Cold latkes. Bus staff kept clearing things we weren't done with.
Gryphon via - Jan 12, 2019
Good food but better dinner menu than for lunch. A bit overpriced for salads.
hockeymom via - Jan 12, 2019
Decent but pricey
Food was good a little pricey. Felt a little rushed at end. Desserts were especially good. Asked for a specific cocktail and was told that they don’t do it and won’t try.
Robert G via - Jan 12, 2019
If you want better ambiance, sit in the back. We were in the front with all the babies. UGH ... read more
OpenTable Diner via - Jan 12, 2019
Service was very disappointing!
OpenTable Diner via - Jan 10, 2019
let's begin with Yellowfin Tuna ...
let's begin with Yellowfin Tuna TartarDrizzle of soy, Ginger and topped with sesame seeds. The tuna was bright and fresh and plate  licking good. I like fresh Tuna...this I loved ! So simple a dish but can go wrong easily. This was a surprisingly great start.We also were treated with the special - Quinoa salad with butternut squash, ... read more
Faith R. via - Jan 9, 2019
We got there at 5 and it was lovely. The service was good as well as our food. They have THE best guacamole!However, by 5:45, the noise level: deafening:( ... read more
JaneAusten via - Jan 9, 2019
Best Find on the UES
let’s begin with Yellowfin Tuna Tartar Drizzle of soy, Ginger and topped with sesame seeds. The tuna was bright and fresh and plate licking good. I like fresh Tuna…this I loved ! So simple a dish but can go wrong easily. This was a surprisingly...More ... read more
Faith R via - Jan 9, 2019
Service and food was excellent n ... read more
Lenny via - Jan 6, 2019
Absolutely excellent food whether it’s lunch, brunch or dinner. A restaurant I will frequent often.
MurielF via - Jan 6, 2019
Excellent steaks and salads in very amiable and vibrant ambiance. Superb, professional service.
CGE44 via - Jan 6, 2019
T Bar is the industry standard in classic upscale New York dining.... the Irish salmon is amazing!
TonyV via - Jan 4, 2019
An all-around good, if not quite ...
An all-around good, if not quite memorable experience. Irish Salmon was the best thing I've tried, highly recommended. Nice upscale ambiance, decent service, clientele mostly on the senior side - Upper East Side ladies-who-lunch and their significant others. It's not a restaurant I would seek out but if invited to or stumbled upon, c ... read more
Andrei O. via - Jan 2, 2019
Food was good but the service was insanely bad ... read more
Allison Steigman via - Jan 1, 2019
I have been to Tbar quite a few times. Good is always consistently good, service good. Always busy. Nice decor & friendly staff. Sometimes a little noisy. Worth the value & nice wine selections.
JWlove18 via - Dec 28, 2018
Never a disappointment at T Bar.
shelken1202 via - Dec 27, 2018
Favorite Restaurant UES ... read more
OpenTable Diner via - Dec 27, 2018
We truly appreciated the excellent service & enjoyed our delicious dinners. This restaurant is always consistent & we look forward to our next visit.
CherylS via - Dec 26, 2018
Christmas dinner. Perfect ambiance, food, and service. Tony is the real deal, he runs a fabulous restaurant. No detail overlooked.
OpenTable Diner via - Dec 26, 2018
Tasty food, fair prices, friendly service ... read more
Tania Evangelatou via - Dec 26, 2018
commend me TBar ... read more
an johnny via - Dec 25, 2018
Great local spot. Wonderful service and great food.
anonymous via - Dec 24, 2018
Tbar is a neighborhood gem. The service , and food are consistently great. Tony who is part owner manager. Makes everyone feel welcome.
Lbk444 via - Dec 23, 2018
thật vinh dự ... read more
Fatima Uio via - Dec 23, 2018
Came for lunch with a friend, we were seated and served promptly and the food was delicious! I LOVE the tuna tartar here. Don’t skip the salty crust focaccia.
NYCMom via - Dec 22, 2018
Such great food and service for a pre Christmas dinner with family ... read more
DevonD via - Dec 19, 2018
Lovely dinner and service. Great neighbor spot for a special evening as well as a great place to dine with friends and family.
Audrey via - Dec 19, 2018
Had a great meal and great service!!
MaryG via - Dec 17, 2018
Excellent service
Had dinner here Saturday and it was fantastic! Service was great food was fantastic and the cocktails were the best!
Kleb122 via - Dec 16, 2018
It was a wonderful experience. Service was great food delicious and the cocktails were excellent. But the best was the banana parfait dessert. Everything was phenomenal ... read more
OpenTable Diner via - Dec 16, 2018
Steak and fries are excellent, pizza is crispy ... read more
Mark Zablow via - Dec 15, 2018
Always great scene and food is consistent. However they are overdue for a menu change of interesting choices that other steakhouses follow.
staceYK via - Dec 10, 2018
Empty ... read more
Lisa Glachman via - Dec 10, 2018
Excellent place to eat and drink! ...
Excellent place to eat and drink! It was not too noisy even with the after work crowd. I had the lamb burger which was cooked to my taste and the spinach was not over cooked. I would go here again and recommend anyone who's looking for an afternoon spot on UES to eat, drink, and chat.
Moon C. via - Dec 9, 2018
Just ate at the TBar restaurant, It was amazing!! The food was delicious and the ambience is great. A must have dessert is the Strawberry Sundae it is mind blowing good.
jean Martin via - Dec 7, 2018
The living room of the UES, Tbar does not disappoint.
Budge via - Dec 4, 2018
ordered the 40oz steak for the three of us, it was cooked perfectly and it was delicious! I wish they had mashed potatoes for lunch! Great desserts, just a great place!
richardl via - Dec 1, 2018
T-Bar has become our regular Friday night dining spot. Service, food and vibe is excellent!
NickK via - Dec 1, 2018
The food and service were terrific but the noise level at dinner made it difficult to carry on a conversation.
Murphy via - Nov 30, 2018
Always great steaks, salads and service. Wish lower priced wine options.
foodlover via - Nov 28, 2018
おすすめの赤ワインとニューヨークカットステーキを頂きました。値段はチップ込みで$90程度でディナーとしては妥当なところですが、味やワインのチョイスは申し分ありません。機会があればもう一度行きたいと思います。アメフトをテレビで映していたり、子供連れのお客さんもいらっしゃいましたので、カジュアルな雰囲気で食事を楽しめます。 ... read more
鹿島巌 via - Nov 24, 2018
Great food, reasonable prices, good atmosphere ... read more
Nikos Morgan via - Nov 21, 2018
Awesome food and atmosphere! Service ...
Awesome food and atmosphere! Service strong! Reservations needed as it gets very busy. Hidden gem of the upper east side!
Robert L. via - Nov 21, 2018
The house salad was delicious and the steak was perfectwe loved the French fries and brussel sprouts ... read more
AWFUL via - Nov 21, 2018
Excellent food. Great service.
Excellent food. Great service. Great ambiance. Porterhouses steak cooked to perfection.
Philip D. via - Nov 20, 2018
Such pillow-y pasta! I came by ...
Such pillow-y pasta! I came by for lunch with my bosses today and really enjoyed the ambiance as well as the food. It still has that upscale feel with the prices and the service (I love how they had a different server carry out each dish and place them on the table all at once) but it wasn't super stuffy which meant that we were stil ... read more
Melissa V. via - Nov 20, 2018
The food, service and ambience was just as good as always. TBar does not disappoint and always strives for pleasing the customer as best they can.
GigiW via - Nov 17, 2018
Overall very good; great service and food always good ... read more
BrianM via - Nov 16, 2018
Nice ambiance but, overpriced. Drinks are not strong enough. Salads are $30. Not worth it.
Rachal Azani via - Nov 15, 2018
Best tuna tartare in NYC -- and ...
Best tuna tartare in NYC -- and it's a steak joint. I also love the brussel sprouts and the Bananas Foster is my daughter's all time favorite dessert. Service is always outstanding.
Paula S. via - Nov 13, 2018
Nice variety in menu. Salads etc.Good for “ladies who lunch.” In fact many men there at lunch as well. A little noisy, but could beMuch worse.
KellyK via - Nov 13, 2018
We had a business dinner for a group of 6 and this was perfect. The food was delicious, service was prompt and the drinks were strong. Definitely will be back!
LynnSmallBites via - Nov 13, 2018
Asked to sit downstairs. Sat us at a table closest to bathroom on balcony. Not a cozy table as we are used to. We have been coming to TBar for years. We should be on some type of VIP list as in other restaurants we frequent. And, we brought guests who we thought would love it as we do, they live be in the neighborhood. FYI.
OpenTable Diner via - Nov 13, 2018
Great local place. Food is always consistent ... read more
BFues via - Nov 11, 2018
Thank you for the fine service to celebrate our 'kids' 1st anniversary. All 3 generations loved it.
melania via - Nov 11, 2018
Very nice Sunday brunch is served at a reasonable price. I would absolutely recommend. Not often does one see such a well priced brunch in New York City!
Jessica via - Nov 11, 2018
superb no question!!
Claudio Rodriguez via - Nov 11, 2018
Love this place! The owner is so ...
Love this place! The owner is so warm, funny and friendly. It's feels your eating at a family's friend. We have the TBar salad, the artichoke pans were so good. Oh yea the bread is heavenly! The tuna tar tar is delicious generous amount of tuna. And the salmon is cooked to perfection over spinach. I noticed their dessert were highly ... read more
Leigh N. via - Nov 10, 2018
EXCELLENT!!I recently went to TBar ...
EXCELLENT!!I recently went to TBar for a group dinner with long time friends. We had the chance to order several dishes and many desserts. Everything was spectacular, particularly the octopus and the sea bass with bok choy. I live in Astoria so I've eaten a lot of octopus in my days, and Tbar's is a cut above. Crispy on the outside a ... read more
Ele D. via - Nov 6, 2018
Always love to come here , great bar area , we had the octopus salad and as main course the amazing ny strip was delicious perfect temperature and to finish the most delicious warm apple crisp dessert, service was attentive as always ... read more
BetterNY via - Nov 3, 2018
Great Spot when you want to take in a neighborhood.Happy we stepped out of the tourists area.
Julie via - Nov 3, 2018
Food is always consistently good. Very friendly atmosphere. And just enjoyable to be with friends and have a nice dinner ... read more
Hugoboy via - Oct 31, 2018
Service was great My friend and I had two different types of salads. Both were tasty. Especially the gluten free French fries. Define toy will go back again. Have been for lunch many times ... read more
peggye via - Oct 29, 2018
This place is good enough for a neighborhood meet up dinner with freinds...i would not go out of my way to go there.. the food is ordinary, but good enough.. theres lots of activity in this restaurant..i think because its a local Ues place.. and convenient for most... also its better than most in the local area. Nice neighborhood re ... read more
Kpmv via - Oct 23, 2018
This restaurant is consistent , the olive bread is amazing ... read more
Sylvie via - Oct 20, 2018
Had the best experience in t bar, the owner it’s amazing, the staff is great, hostess was really friendly, it was amazing.
CamilaM via - Oct 17, 2018
Kind employee and delicious bread ... read more
김상구 via - Oct 17, 2018
Wonderful for lunch. A bit noisy for dinner. The food and service are excellent.
Cupcake via - Oct 16, 2018
Service was wonderful, main dish’s were very good, the salads are awful. They lack taste and sparse in what they include.
Foodie via - Oct 13, 2018
Overall a great meal. Kale salad leaves a lot to be desired but the rest of our dinner was certainly memorable.
anonymous2018 via - Oct 13, 2018
Very pretty restaurant. Light and pleasant decor. Limited menu. Noise level even at a late lunch was disconcerting. Wait staff is excellent. Not much choice in the food category. I remember this as the Lenox Room years ago. It is a nice option as a neighborhood restaurant but a bit disappointing. I was truly impressed by the wait ... read more
LucySue via - Oct 12, 2018
Amazing dinner
I ate here with my girlfriend on a Sunday night. The restaurant was pretty full and we had a reservation for 7:45pm and were seated promptly when we arrived. The food was simply amazing, we had the porterhouse which came out on a hot skillet...More ... read more
nickyg1028 via - Oct 11, 2018
Over the top amazing food. Great staff ... read more
eli Dresler via - Oct 6, 2018
Food and service was great. But i requested a high chair and when we got there was informed they don’t have one. The hostess said someone should have called, but they didn’t. Also, when they packed up leftover steak to take out, they didn’t include the bone which I requested.
barbis via - Oct 5, 2018
Always wonderful! Everything on the menu is delicious and try to save room for dessert.
Trudy Wallace via - Oct 3, 2018
Our waitress was excellent. Constantly checking on us and as sweet as good be. Unfortunately,did not get her name but she did say she was also a bartender.
OpenTable Diner via - Oct 2, 2018
Always good, lunch or dinner. Enjoy everything!
Meetup via - Sep 29, 2018
I truly love this place! Last night ...
I truly love this place! Last night I had the chicken Milanese (literally the best ever) and my hubby had a NY Strip, which was cooked to perfection! The wine list is reasonable. The staff is amazing and friendly. This is one of our favorite places. Oh and the banana parfait is to die for.
Kati L. via - Sep 28, 2018
A neighborhood gem that has reliable service, fine food and a neat, clean and acceptable dining facility. Tony and his staff have been around "forever" and pay careful attention to detail. The T-Bar salad (with or without added chicken, salmon or shrimp) makes for a perfect lunch. Kudos!!!
LarryCarat via - Sep 26, 2018
Great steaksGreat serviceAlways hono reservations and timed ... read more
reis via - Sep 26, 2018
Consistently decent but I still find it over priced for what you get.
Debs via - Sep 25, 2018
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